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Integrated Value-Add

What We Do

Stanton Real Estate Partners is a real estate investment firm that acquires primarily multi-family properties with a significant value-add component. We integrate our capabilities in: Acquisitions, Capital Markets, Property Management and Construction Management to execute turn-arounds that generate strong risk-adjusted returns for our investors that generally comprise significant current yields, fast return of equity and long term growth/appreciation prospects.

What we do

Our Approach


We leverage various channels to source acquisition targets, with an emphasis on proprietary/off-market deal flow. General property criteria include:

  • Mismanagement.

  • Opportunity to Increase Rents

  • Repositioning


Stanton leverages internal construction management and general contracting capabilities to minimize the time an cost associated with construction and renovation projects. Additionally, our in-house team of tradesmen allow us to further reduce costs and streamline construction.


We prefer to build our investment theses and projections around refinancing's rather than property sales - due to greater predictability and controllability among other benefits.


Post-refinance, we focus on property management oversight to ensure that revenues and expenses are optimized. This includes initiatives like exploring revenue enhancements through modern leasing structures and expense reduction through investments in efficient building systems.



experience across the value-creation spectrum


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